What Grief is

Grief is considered as a response to a condition where you lose something or someone close to your heart. This can include incidents like death of someone close, losing a job, breakups in relationships or could be any other reason.

When you lose someone or something it will definitely cause an emotional breakdown, these situations are tough, and people respond to them differently, and for some people, this feeling can be intense. In some cases, this feeling becomes unbearable and can usually lead to anxiety and depression.

Symptoms of Grief

There is no quick way to get rid of this feeling of grief. Everyone experiences the feeling of grief differently so that symptoms can vary from person to person.

It can also be accompanied by symptoms like:

    • Intense sadness

    • Feeling sick

    • Depression

    • Guilt

    • Crying

    • Feeling numb

    • Insomnia

    • Shock

    • Anger

    • Denial

    • Difficulty concentrating

    • Anxiety

    • Loss of appetite or an increase in appetite

    • Feeling ill with headaches, chest pains, muscle aches

    • Exhaustion and tiredness

Take time and space you need to overcome your feeling of grief. The period you require depends on how quickly you can cope with your feelings. If you think that you are not getting better, book an appointment with our doctors they will guide you to the next step.





Treatment for Grief

Recovering from this feeling requires time. However, there are number of ways that can help:

  • Give Yourself Time

Do not worry, if you are feeling sad about any situation, it is normal, do not rush give it some time.

  • Talk about it

Talk about the situation you are going through with your friends, family or even with the general physician. Once you get all of that out of your system, you will automatically start feeling better.

  • Take plenty of rest and eat healthy food

People usually cannot sleep when they are sad, but it is essential to get plenty of rest and sleep when you are suffering from a feeling of grief. Eating healthy food can also help. Likewise, exercise helps you in boosting your emotions and mood

  • Avoid self-medication

Try not to indulge in alcohol or drugs as a way for escapism; this will make you suffer in the long run.

  • Ask for help

Our doctors can help you in by recommending a specialist, support services, psychologist or counsellors if you need that.

When to visit GP about Grief

This depends on the person going through the feeling of pain, at first people struggle in dealing with it, and they need time to recover from it. However, speaking to someone can benefit you if:

    • You have an extreme feeling of guilt

    • You are not adequately taking care of yourself

    • You are not looking after your family

    • You feel anxious, depressed, suicidal or worthless

    • You cannot sleep

Our doctors can talk to you about the symptoms and can get a clear understanding about how you are feeling. With push doctor, you can get consultation online at your comfort. Everything will get booked according to your will.

Causes of Grief

There is no justified response to traumatic situations in life. Events that can trigger your feeling of grief include:

    • the end of a marriage or long-term relationship

    • losing your home

    • being diagnosed with a life-changing or terminal illness

    • the death of a relative or close friend

    • the loss of a pet

    • losing your job

    • the breakdown of a friendship


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