What Depression is

Depression is a psychological condition that has a significant impact on your life. According to the mental health charity Mind, 350 million people in Europe go through the condition of depression, while others experience depression and anxiety both at the same time.

People suffer from depression in a different manner, some experience mild symptoms, and some experience severe depression, that can make them go for suicide. Triggers and symptoms for depression are entirely different from person to person; our experienced doctors will help you in getting better by suggesting appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of Depression

There are multiple signs of depression, but the main symptoms of depression is when you feel low or sad for more than a month.

Other common symptoms may include feeling constantly tired, lack of interest in things you like, or you used to enjoy, tears, pains and aches, thoughts about hurting yourself, sudden weight loss and poor sleep.

Treatment for Depression

Once our doctors will come to know about your symptoms, it will become easy for them to recommend treatment for depression.

Depression is usually treated by talking therapy, medication or by the combination of both.

If you prefer therapy, you will discuss the issue in the first session, which you are going through and what are the reasons that trigger your signs or symptoms. Such type of session help doctors in developing a detailed treatment plan to help the patients. Every session helps in gaining the health back.

Causes of Depression

There are numerous reasons that cause depression. Psychological factors can also contribute to the causes of depression which include: anxiety and stress at work, social life or home. Physical factors like long-term illness and injury can also contribute to depression.

Biological factors, a chemical imbalance in brain and family history can also be the cause of depression.

By doing question and answer session, doctors can find out the causes that trigger depression and can help you in avoiding them.

Diagnosis of Depression

For diagnosis, it is important for the doctors that you answer them honestly. Those symptoms will help in diagnosis and for suggesting treatment. Remember that our doctors will not criticize you, and whatever information you will provide will be kept confidential.

Prenatal & Postnatal Depression

Depression affects the women at the time of their prenatal (pregnancy), or it can also effect after delivering the baby or after giving birth (postnatal). Women who are expectant are more exposed to the risk of depression due to changes in hormones in the body.

Some pregnant women do not disclose or discuss their symptoms, to avoid criticism and judgment by people. Our experienced doctors understand what you are suffering from and will provide you with practical and sensitive advice with postnatal and prenatal depression.

Generally, men also experience postnatal depression; our doctors are there to assist new fathers, who feel the pressure of the parenthood.


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